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Our Distinguished Panel of Advisors:

Khenpo Konchok Rangdrol

Chancellor of Jangchub Ling; Doctor of Philosophy;
Guest Professor at Copenhagen University

Lim Seng Hock (Dr)

( Doctor of TCM )Eminent physician and president of one of Singapore's major welfare society. 

Lim Boon Hock (Dr)

Doctor of Area Studies; Master of Area Studies;  Bachelor in Economics

Ng-Lim Geok Choo (Mrs)

Master of Social Sciences ( Sociology );  
Certificate in Teaching ( Higher Education )


  Teaching Faculty:

Mr Tan

Master in Education - RMIT; Bachelor of Arts with Dip Ed in English Language and Music; Post Graduate Diploma in Education - NTU

Mr Tan was a former teacher, under the ministry's scholarship, with the Ministry of Education (MOE Singapore) and was also involved in the committee of MOE curriculum planning board. He is currently an Associate Lecturer with a local polytechnic. Trained in teaching both primary and secondary education, Mr Tan is a teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience in English Language and General Paper. He heads an active welfare organization and is a well received writer with several lists and publications. Mr Tan is also an appointed member of Singapore's Art Consultative Panel, a national advisory body to the Ministry of Information and the Arts.

Mr Tey

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering ; Post Graduate Diploma in Education - NTU

Mr Tey was a former teacher with the Ministry of Education.
He is a NIE trained teacher and is also a skilled computer specialist whose works are presented at programmes at some of Singapore's premier venues for education and the arts. Mr Tey is a key co-ordinator of bursary-scholarships with disadvantaged pupils both locally and internationally. With more than 12 years of teaching experience in teaching Mathematics, he is also a current Associate Lecturer in a local polytechnic.


Mr Tan Hong Qi

BSc (1st class Hons, NUS), Sigma Pi Sigma, MIPS

Mr Tan is an experienced teacher with more than 7 years of teaching experience. He was one of the Dean's list recipient at NUS, participated in the NTU Math Olympiad and obtained gold award in the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad. He was an ex-teacher from Pioneer JC and was a teaching assistant at NUS observatory for GEM module. Students describe him as a good teacher who is knowlegeable, passionate in his teaching, and clear in his explanation.


Our Supplementary Faculty:

Mr Yeo K.S
Master in Social Science in Counseling;
Bachelor in Business Communication and Management;
Diploma in Sales and Marketing - NUS
Mdm Tan Cheng Hoon

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Economics) - NUS 

Mr Ng Foo Weng

Bachelor of Arts with Honours (English Literature) - NUS


Amongst other teachers ......



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